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Here's your chance to see, and hear for yourself, why Eric Chase Creative Services (ECCS) is one of America's leading producers of radio and television commercials for nightclubs, concerts, retail stores, radio stations and special events! Use the links below to sample a few examples of our work.

Audio Demos
Our audio demos are supplied in the mp3* format. Choose the category you'd like to sample from the following list:

Video Demos
Our video demos are supplied as Quicktime movies. A link to the FREE Quicktime player is supplied below. Choose the video clip you'd like to sample from the following list:

General TV Demo Reel

TV General Reel (14.9 MB)

TV Dramatic Reel (12.3 MB)
Comedy Reel (14.8 MB)
Theme Park Reel (15.1 MB)
Narration (12.1 MB)
General Commercial Reel (8.2 MB)
 Spots & Presentations
VISA Commercial VISA :60 (3.7 MB)
VISA :30 (1.9 MB)
VISA :30 (1.8 MB)
FMC Presentation (5.3 MB)
Simon and Garfunkel :60 (3 MB)
Ferring Pharmaceuticals Presentation (13.6 MB)
Corporate Medical Plaza (9.8 MB)
Area 88 Area 88 (2.5 MB)
Area 88 (2.8 MB)
E's Otherwise (1.4 MB)
Parasite Dolls (10.4 MB)
Shadow Skill (2 MB)
Shadow Skill (1.8 MB)
Wandaba Style (1.5 MB)
Grace Community Church Fall of Lucifer :30 (4 MB)
Thou Shalt Laugh (2.9 MB)
Ten Commandments of Marriage (3.8 MB)
Heaven CDs (3.8 MB)
God TV (5.2 MB)
Grace Grand Opening (8.4 MB)
Grace Promo (10.2 MB)
Supa Strikas Supa Strikas (12 MB)
A Decent Proposal (5 MB)
Stolen Innocence (5.7 MB)
The Enemy Within (4.7 MB)

If you don't already have software to play mp3 files, choose one of the links below to select your free player:

Get Quicktime FREE Get Windows Media Player FREE Get Winamp Media Player FREE

*Note: If you are having trouble downloading the MP3 files, try the following:

  1. Right-click on the link and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...".
  2. Select the folder on your computer where you would like to dowload the file.
  3. Once the download is complete, open your MP3 player.
  4. Using your MP3 player, open the MP3 file from the folder you selected in step 2.
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